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HP Coupon Codes

Introducing Mini Mi...

HP Mini 1000 Mi

Last year, several sections were added to Themebot for laptop deals with coupons from various computer vendors. That area of the site was pretty small. I would hand-pick the best deals and post them there so that visitors could save money. The main focus was computer companies that provide laptops with Linux pre-installed. Shortly after adding a section for HP coupon codes, I decided it would be better to move this to a completely separate website, so that it could be more easily maintained and expanded to provide many more coupons and deals than what is possible in a small section on Themebot. Thus, Coupons Dealuxe (now known as Coupon Code Swap) was created and the HP Coupons section was transferred over. Be sure to check it out if you are looking to buy a new HP laptop or desktop. The HP coupons for laptops tend to go very quickly, sometimes reaching the redemptions cap in less than 24 hours.

Recently, I won an HP Mini 1000 Mi Netbook in a drawing. WOOHOO! I was even more excited when I found out that the Mini 1000 Mi would be shipping with an operating system based on Ubuntu. I was a little concerned that HP may have neutered Ubuntu to provide the Mobile internet experience. "Mi" is an acronym for "Mobile internet". I guess HP didn't want to scare anybody with the idea of using Linux :P

So, I got the HP Mini 1000 Mi about a week ago. Let's just call it Mini Mi.

Does Dr. Evil approve?

Yes! The Mini Mi is better than frickin' sharks with laser beams attached to their heads!

The Humans are Dead!


It is the distant future and the humans are dead! While I was busy building websites, Themebot was busy scheming to take over the world. Unbeknownst to me, my entire central nervous system and brain were replaced with a motherboard and circuitry while sleeping. I still look human and smell like a human, but I am now a robohumanoid.

The New MacBook

To New MacBook or not to New Macbook? That is the question.

New MacBook I was talking to a friend recently and he told me about his experience trying out the new MacBook Pro that his friend just bought. I have been keeping an eye on Apple, and was intrigued by the news about the new Multi-Touch trackpad.

If you have been reading the blogs I post on Themebot, you probably noticed that I have been down on Apple. All my friends know this, and it is somewhat surprising because I grew up with Mac computers. You would think I'd be a loyal Mac user. However, I had some major usability issues with the Macbook I owned one year ago and decided to sell it. My biggest complaint about Apple laptops has always been the single mouse-button.

It looks like Apple may have finally solved the one mouse-button issue that has plagued all of the previous generation MacBooks, MacBook Pros and Powerbooks. The new Multi-Touch trackpad let's you assign a region for right-click. This would be a much better option than the carpal tunnel inducing two-finger right-click. And I could actually get some work done on the go without having to take an external mouse with me.

To sum up what my friend had to say about the New Macbook... "Very, very nice." With my interest perked, I started in on the MacBook research. After doing some bargain hunting, I found what is currently the lowest price on the new Macbook. Then I started reading up on the specs. Very impressive!

Ask Your Doctor about Coupon Code Swap

Do you tend to buy on impulse? Do you later find yourself searching for a better deal, even after your purchase has been shipped? Do you ever have buyer's remorse?

You are not alone. 7 out of 10 shoppers world-wide suffer from After Shopping Syndrome (ASS) at some point in their lives. This crippling disorder causes distress among shoppers who find out they could have gotten a better deal. ASS leads to an overall lack of satisfaction with and enjoyment of products.

There is hope...

Lenovo eCoupons

Lenovo X300 Thinkpad with OpenSUSE While searching for computer manufacturers that offer Linux laptops, I was happy to discover that Lenovo has a selection of ThinkPads that can be ordered pre-configured with SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop. As a result, a new page has been added to the Goodies section of the website.

The current list of Lenovo laptops with SUSE is a bit sparse (only three models) but the coupon codes work for any of the models listed, regardless of OS.

Personally, I'd rather run OpenSUSE and load it on Lenovo X300 ThinkPad. Either that or stick with Ubuntu, which is currently my operating system of choice. The selection of ThinkPads with Linux will undoubtedly expand to include more models as more people start using Linux. One of the obstacles to getting up and running with Linux can be driver support. As more manufacturers start supporting Linux with drivers, the whole experience will be smoother and there will not be any excuses left for wasting money on a proprietary operating system.

How To Customize Facebook Profile

Facebook Customize Profile Picket Well, well. It looks like Facebook just got a chin tuck! The website was recently reworked to make the user interface better. Does this mean we can finally customize / customise our Facebook profile pages?... Nope. Is it time to get out the BOTOX? Well, there is more than one way to skin a Facebook.

Keep reading to find out how to customise your Facebook profile.

Free MySpace Layouts

You can now download Free MySpace Layouts on Themebot. It was only a matter of time before the MySpace layouts section was added.

Consider this:
On August 6th, 2006 the one hundred millionth MySpace account was created. That's a lot of MySpace users! It is also estimated that the number of users grows by 230,000 new registrations each day. That puts the current total MySpace users (as of July, 2008) at 267,900,000 give or take a few hundred thousand users. No wonder the website is so slow!

One of the nice things about MySpace is that you can easily customize your profile by downloading a free layout. You aren't stuck with the boring default layouts and you can even make your own layout if you know how. It is too bad that this functionality is not available with FaceBook. There are quite a few FaceBook users and I'm sure that many would like to customize their FaceBook profile. If this ever becomes possible, you can count on a section for free FaceBook layouts.

Anyhow, Themebot is going to be serving up some cool MySpace layouts so you can "pimp your profile". Instructions on how to add a free MySpace layout to your account are listed next.

Featured Websites and Member Profiles, Oh My!

Website UpgradesA new series of upgrades is under way here at Themebot. What started out as a hobby is now one of the most popular websites for open source web design and finding free website templates. As traffic continues to grow, the Themebot team is hard at work adding new features to make the site better for both visitors and members. A big thank you to all of the members who have uploaded their free web layouts. The majority of uploads added so far have been WordPress themes. Hopefully, we will also see more templates for the other content management systems and platforms going forward.

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