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Web Hosting Reviews

HostICan Review


This is a review for HostICan web hosting service. To get started, check out the HostICan logo above. Take a sheet of paper and cover the M in the trademark symbol. What does it spell? " HostICant ". If all you need is a web hosting review in a nutshell, that should be sufficient. For a detailed explanation (with a sprinkling of humor) for why you shouldn't waste your money on HostICan, continue reading... (btw, if you have had a HostICan phone dude siting, please send in a snapshot!)

Site5 Review - Part 2

The following is part two of the original review of Site5 web hosting. As the owner of Themebot and a Site5 customer, I will be sharing my personal experience using their web hosting services. Does Site5 provide the best web hosting when it comes to shared hosting? Keep reading to find out what is good and bad about their service offering. Also stay tuned for the eventual web hosting review roundup to find out which web hosting company is the best.

Best Web Hosting

Web Hosting

Finding the "best" web hosting service isn't easy. Inexpensive web hosting, although cost-effective, can cost you more in time and headaches than spending a few extra bucks each month for a quality web host. However, there are some companies offering cheap web hosting that is indeed a good bargain. This is the first article in a series of web hosting reviews in which I will be sharing my experience using differen hosting companies over the years.

I have had accounts with numerous different web hosting companies, including but not limited to:

So yeah, I have had a lot of experience with different web hosting providers.

Site5 Review

2007/11/06 Update: Site5 Exonerated

When I decided to move Themebot to another hosting provider, a unique opportunity presented itself: the chance to benchmark a website that receives many visitors each day and requires a fair amount of system resources on different web hosting providers. Actually, a live version of Themebot was tested on not one but three different hosting services. The backup used for each provider was exactly the same, eliminating confounds favor one provider over another.

The fact of the matter is, shortly after taking the site live on two other web hosts, Themebot was suspended for resource overuse. On both of the other providers I made some drastic changes to optimize the site even further, but that did not help and the site was suspended again on each host. And, this was with only half the traffic Themebot was receiving when hosted on Site5. Obviously, they couldn't handle the traffic with the amount of resources they allocate on their shared hosting plans.

Instead of upgrading to a VPS, I decided to put Themebot back on Site5 to see what would happen. It has been over three weeks now and Themebot is running flawlessly on Site5 without being suspended. Traffic is back to normal and caching has even been reduced in the forums.

Although three hard drive failures in less than a year is inexcusable, this seems to have been an unlucky fluke. It is quite clear that Site5 is a lot more generous than other hosts with the amount of system resources allocated to each account. They are true to their claim that they don't overcrowd their servers and I'm getting near VPS performance on a shared hosting account.

Every hosting provider has its strengths and weaknesses. This was an excellent experiment, and I can whole-heartedly recommend Site5 to anyone who is wanting to get a lot of mileage out of their shared hosting account.

The following is an honest review of Site5 web hosting. I signed up for a MultiSite Dynamite account with Site5 on October 14th, 2006. It was a stormy night and there was an ominous, eerie silence throughout the internet (just kidding).

I previously had an account with Godaddy before trying out Site5. After a couple months, I became fed up with their insanely slow servers. Perhaps Godaddy has improved since then, but at the time it was obvious that they were overcrowding their servers. Don't get me wrong, Godaddy is great for managing domain names, but there was no way a database driven site would work with their hosting due to the abysmally slow pageloads. I started shopping around and did some research on Site5. I was initially drawn in by their statement, "NO OVERLOADED SERVERS". After transferring a web site to Site5, I was quite pleased with how snappy the pageloads were. Exactly two months later a terrible thing happened.

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