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XPS upside down equals SEX

I often have moments of brilliance upon first waking up in the morning. This morning, I woke up and glanced over at my XPS M1330 laptop which I had placed by the side of my bed before going to sleep the following evening.

XPS M1330

Then I saw it... Clear as day.

If you look at the XPS logo upside down, it spells out sex. Subtle, but amusing. I'm sure this played a factor when the Dell R&D (Research & Development) team were deciding on what to call the product line and how to craft the logo.

Or, is it just me? Do I have a single-track mind? Do I wake up each morning thinking about sex? I'll let you be the judge.

Here is a close-up of the XPS logo:


And here is the XPS logo upside down:


Hehehe. I've got to say, the XPS M1330 strikes a near perfect balance between aesthetic appeal and functionality. As such, it is the perfect slim and sexy laptop for a slim and sexy guy like me.

I may have had something to do with the making of this laptop. A few days after Dell launched Idea Storm, a forum where customers can make suggestions and requests, I posted this: "Super Sleek Ultra Sexy Dell Laptop" on Dell Idea Storm. I don't know if my suggestion had anything to do with the creation of the XPS M1330, but I'd like to think so. The XPS M1330 represents a radical departure from the boxy, uninspired designs typical of Dell. It received high marks in a number of professional reviews and Dell had a hard time keeping up with demand when the M1330 first started selling.

I'm very happy with the laptop so far. I'm also happy that Dell is listening to their customers' suggestions on Idea Storm. Most notably, Dell now offers systems bundled with Ubuntu Linux and driver support for Ubuntu. Hopefully the system and distro selection will increase so that we can buy any computer we want with a Linux distro pre-installed and stop wasting money on Windows Vista. I've got Ubuntu 64-bit running on my XPS M1330 and on my Latitude D830. The install process was painless and Ubuntu 64-bit is running near-flawless on both systems. A full write-up is to follow.

Speaking of brilliant moments, after waking up and noticing this, I grabbed a long sleeve shirt with t-shirt embedded that was lying next to my bed. While standing up, I put my arms through the sleeves and then tried to pull my head through. No love. I tried once more while stumbling across the floor and again my face was greeted by a wall of cotton. I looked inside with both arms still in the sleeves. Somehow I had gotten my right arm through the neck hole of the t-shirt. Simply Brilliant!


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