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smfone11rc3 (colorpack).zip
smfone11rc3 (colorpack).zip
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XHTML Transitional Valid CSS SMF 1 Themes 1 Column Fluid Width Table-Based Layout

SMFone was originally created by A.M.A (retired Lead Graphic Designer), and ported to SMF 1.1 by me (Aäron). It should work on all versions of the 1.1 branch. However, it will NOT work on SMF 1.0.x!


  • new board index layout (*)
  • tabbed info center on board index
  • new message index layout (*)
  • new topic layout (*)
  • new calendar layout (*)

(*) = If you prefer the default layout(s), you can replace the templates in question with their Babylon theme equivalents.

This theme is available in four colour variations:
  • blue
  • green
  • grey
  • red

The following localised buttons are available:
  • Chinese (Traditional) by CapriSkye
  • Dutch by Burpee
  • English by A.M.A (included in main packages)
  • German by Carsten
  • Greek by Psiloman
  • Japanese by Koni
  • Spanish by A.M.A
  • Turkish by Forsakenlad

If you want to use the theme in combination with TinyPortal: delete SMFone's index.template.php, and rename to index.template.php. TinyPortal should be working without problems in SMFone then.
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