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Valid CSS SMF 1 Themes 1 Column Fluid Width Table-Based Layout
The layout is heavily inspired by the Guardian, but I have tried to do a original twist of it. Problem was that SMF have a lot of info in every aspect, and the Guardian have not, so the challenge was to filter out whats needed.

As always, graphics can only be used within a SMF forum and any comments are welcome.

- added options to have your own content in the sidebars.
- added option of recent topics, recent posts, a welcome message, a poll, news or latest posts from a specified board. 2 possible "slots" for these choices
- moved the CSS for the header text into blue/red/grey/black/green/peach.css.
- added a pure reply link under each post, to stop scrolling for the top one.


- color changer on front , both members and guests ( thanks to Mystica and [Unknown] for this code)
- adjustable width of the forum in admin section "current theme settings", both in percent and pixels.
- language strings for the extra titles/labels used, for easy translation
- choose between full poster information or a stripped down one(default) in posts
- Choose between "recent posts" and "recent topics" on the board index page.
- settable widths of left, middle and right section in percents.

Links must stay intact as per the license file included with download
Comments / Reviews:
by neil
on February 4, 2008
there's something wrong in the display.template and post.templae files. I get errors trying to read or write to my test board. Such a shame as this is the best theme I've ever seen!
on February 4, 2008
You can contact the author of the theme here:;u=532
errors found
on December 8, 2009
in both templates you can find the error in the first section function main something.

approximately in the middel of this part of the source code a html
starts. after the tag the symbols "';" are missing. Put them before the next html comment ("//").

hope that helps...
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