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Valid CSS SMF 1 Themes 1 Column Fluid Width Table-Based Layout

Live demo:

The following files and the codes are included in this theme.  I wish to express my gratitude to all authors. :)

  • Where is the main color of the theme changed?
    It can be chosen from the administration panel. Admin -> Configuration -> Current Theme -> Main color of Pn-Pn theme

  • The functions that you added (DHTML Menu, etc) it is not needed.
    Turn off the option with the administration panel. Admin -> Configuration -> Current Theme

  • The size of the avatar displayed in the uppermost part is small.
    To maintain the layout of the theme, avatar is resized. Make it to turning off with the administration panel if you do not like it. Admin -> Configuration -> Current Theme -> Resize an upper avatar image (height: 65px, width: 65px)

  • I want to display Posters info (Avatar, Stars, etc...) in the left.
    Admin -> Configuration -> Current Theme -> Posters information position

  • It doesn't like the color of the bottom delimitation (line) of post.
    Admin -> Configuration -> Current Theme -> Bottom delimitation (line) of post
    And, it is possible in the option of "Color code of delimitation of post:" to specify the favorite color by the #RRGGBB method.

  • I want to increase the tab of the menu.
    It is possible to do by the method similar to default.
    How to add tabs to Core (NDT)?

  • I installed MOD. However, it is not reflected in this theme.
    All Mods are designed for the theme of default. Therefore, when you use MOD by this theme, it is necessary to add by yourself .
    How to make mods work with themes?

  • "Attention of Pn-Pn theme" is displayed.  What is this?
    When the file for this theme is insufficient, this is displayed.
    Copy "Modifications.english.php" of the "languages" directory of Pn-Pn onto the first. Next, rename it according to the language for which you use the file.

  • The translated buttons are necessary for me.
    The buttons of Pn-Pn are the same as Ig-Oh. When the translated button doesn't exist, it is necessary to make it from you.

  • Will this theme follow to the update of SMF during the future?
    It is not guaranteed though I will do it. Please remove this theme from your choices if you hope for a prompt update of the theme and a cordial support. I will irregularly update this theme.
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