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XHTML Transitional SMF 1 Themes 1 Column Fluid Width Table-Based Layout
Leviathan is a strong-colored theme with several new features that will make it easier to use:    * 3 color versions, chooseable by user directly on frontpage.    * font-size chooser, that remember its setting for both guest and users.    * 4 width settings:          o Fixed - Fixed at 800 pixels in width          o Wide - about 95% of screen width          o Full - using the whole screen          o Reset - Default width, about 85% of screenwidth    * 2 upshrink buttons - for shrinking both the news area and the user-area separately.    * New Profile template! Borrowing the idea from this topic , the profile screen can show a "Dashboard" (quicklinks to many sections), rather than the ususal summary page. Its made such that you can simply press the dashboard icon to get there - or set it as default, in case summary will be overidden.Note that a few restrictions have been put in:          * Only yourself and those that can manage members, have access to "your" dashboard". Everyone else will not see it, even if pressing the button.          * If you want both dashboard and summary, don´t set dahsboard as default, but rather change the link for profile.As always images are free to use in a SMF / TP enviroment.- Note: icons on Profile.template are from Demo:
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