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HTML Templates 1 Column Fixed Width CSS-Based Layout
Thank you for looking at my first XHTML Strict/CSS design! It is a pretty straight forward design, and if you wanted to have two columns in the body, that would be pretty easy. The header is a background with text on top of it. In one variation of this template, I have the words "built into" the image, to do that, just eliminate the DIV with the ID of "headertext". If you want to change the position of the words in the header, the text is relativly positioned, so open up the file main.css and change the top and left values in the following sample:
#headertext {
position: relative;
left: 60px;
top: 90px;
color: #253547;
font-size: 2em;
If you need help with this template, please contact me at Brian(at) Also, you can visit my website at If you use this template, please keep the "Site design made by HalfBrian" in the footer.
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