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Blue Haze

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This is Blue Haze, a modified version of my other design: Purple Haze. This version has some minor modifications which go beyond a simple change of color scheme!


What’s New and Changed

Separate stylesheet for color scheme
The styles which dictate the overall color scheme of the page (including background, text and border colors) are now in a separate stylesheet file. All you have to do to change the color scheme of a page is simply replace this file with a different stylesheet.
A simpler footer
The footer in Blue Haze is now simpler from a coding point of view. It no longer employs absolute positioning (the position: absolute; pair of CSS) to align text. This circumvents a potential problem with footer text placement on sites with slow-loading content (eg: images). This, by the way, is a browser bug and not a problem with CSS!
Rearranged stylesheet
The main stylesheet has been rearranged to take advantage of style cascading. Less specific styles (such as tag selectors) are placed above more specific styles (ID and class selectors) for a more intuitive and logical application of styles to the page.

Older Virtues

This section lists the other features of Blue Haze which are also present in Purple Haze.

Standards compliant
Blue Haze is 100% compliant with XHTML 1.0 Strict and CSS 2 for more consistent browser rendering.
Layout without tables
No tables were harmed during the making of this design.
Browser-specific styles without JavaScript
Styles which are perculiar to a specific web browser paradigm are encoded in the stylesheet itself.

Final Notes

I hope you find Blue Haze of some use to you in your web design needs. If you use Blue Haze or derive inspiration from it, please let me know so that I may see your site and share in your design ideas. That is, after all, the basic philosophy of OSWD!

XHTML and CSS offer a plethora of features in web design which you'd be crazy not to take advantage of. Do your site a favor: use standards-compliant markup. The Web will love you for it! :-)

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