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Hello, and welcome to aretê, my 5th design for OSWD. First, I'd like to tell a little about myself and who I am. I own my own web design company, Principle of Design, but have been designing for 5 years. It may be a little surprising but I'm only 15 years old and am going to be a junior in high school. I stay basically inside on my computer all day except for school and gym practice.

Aristotle's ethics center on the notion of 'aretê', a word usually translated as 'virtue' but that basically means 'excellence'. The term usually is used of human qualities - moral, physical, and intellectual (courage, strength, and wisdom were all called aretai), but it was sometimes used of the functions of non-human things too.

The aretai (plural) with respect to human character and behavior might be called "virtues": justice, courage, moderation, being a good friend, generosity, and so on.

Aretê uses some of the same features as autonomous but also has some new tweaks. The search box doesn't actually search anything yet, but can be modified to do so. The current date is displayed below the search box which is performed by an attached JavaScript file, all hand written.

For these little separations of content, I have put examples of just text, an image on the left, and an image on the right. If you don't want a certain type you can easily replace it and exchange it for a different type.

This design was made to be full screen on a 800 x 600, but works with any other resolution.

Anyone is free to use this design, but if you do, email me please. Thanks!

Comments / Reviews:
Good job!
on June 6, 2009
I like the layout, I think color schem may need little work, but the over all for your age is great.
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