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Watermelon as food and drink

Fresh watermelon may be eaten in a variety of ways and is also often used to flavor summer drinks and smoothies.

The simplest way to cut a watermelon is to slice it crossways and then to slice the resulting round slabs into halves or quarters (pictured above). This method is generally used in a casual setting where people do not mind the juices flowing everywhere. Since the rind provides a handle, no utensils are needed.

If the watermelon is to be eaten in conjunction with a meal, it is generally cut into bite-sized squares or balled with a melon baller. The resulting pieces are often mixed with other melons and fruits and possibly a syrup to form a fruit salad.

Watermelon rinds are also edible, and sometimes used as a vegetable. In China, they are stir-fried, stewed, or more often pickled. Pickled watermelon rind is also widespread in the Russia and other parts of the West.

Watermelon seeds are rich in fat and protein, and are widely eaten as a snack, added to other dishes, or used as an oilseed. Specialized varieties are grown which have little watery flesh but concentrate their energy into seed production. In China watermelon seeds are one of the most common snack foods, popular especially with women, competing with sunflower seeds, and sold roasted and seasoned. In West Africa, they are pressed for oil, and are popular in egusi soup and other dishes. There can be some confusion between seed-specialized watermelon varieties and the colocynth, a closely-related species with which they share many characteristics, uses, and similar or identical names.

Compared with most fruits, the watermelon has a very high water content, and can be used to satisfy thirst. In the United States and South Africa, one may also find an alcoholic novelty known as a hard watermelon, or a watermelon that has been enhanced with an alcoholic beverage. This process involves boring a hole into the watermelon, then pouring the liquor inside and allowing it to mix with the flesh of the fruit. The watermelon is then cut and served as normal.

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