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Dilber Multicolor

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XHTML Transitional Valid CSS SMF 1 Themes 1 Column Fluid Width Table-Based Layout

Dilber MC is a professional looking, light colored theme. It has small graphics, so loads fast. It is mainly designed for professional pages, but still it is suitable for all kind of sites.
It has complete CSS layout for all colors, so if you use it on a browser that has disabled images, you can still see the colors.
The theme validates as both Valid XHTML and Valid CSS
Dilber MC is designed for SMF 1.1.x, so doesn't work on any other version of SMF.
(Language support for dutch, german, italian, norwegian, portuguese, russian, spanish, swedish, turkish is included.)

TinyPortal Version is released!

Users can select their own color, if you let them to do so!
You can get more info about the theme here.

There are currently 12 colors for Dilber MC. For more colors that exactly match your site theme, you can contact me.

A PSD verison of the logo is also available.
Dilber MC has some more features and settings, that can be set in
Admin > Current Theme

  • You can turn off the logo, turn on default one or just show forum name.
  • You can set to show forum name together with the logo or not.
  • You can put custom HTML codes to the top right of the page, like links to other pages or banners.
  • You can put custom HTML codes under the user info bar, like a banner or etc.
  • You can adjust the page width. It can be set in fixed pixels, or a percentage.
  • You can select from 12 different colors of the theme.
  • Child boards are aligned in two rows. You can set it to display the child boards in one row only.
  • You can turn on and off the "boardname", "posts", "lastposts" bars on board listing.
  • You can write your own copyright text under the SMF copyright.

Important Modification
It is strongly recommended to use Dilber MC Modification on your forum with Dilber MC theme. It fixes an issue when using Dilber MC, a background problem occurs in PersonalMessage page when you have gradient colored backgrounds, like Dilber MC Theme.
You can use this mod also without Dilber MC Theme. It creates no problem in other themes.
Comments / Reviews:
Amazing Theme!
on April 5, 2008
Wow, amazing theme! Nice Job to whoever made it!
Very nice Theme
by Peter
on April 27, 2008
Very nice Theme - We all love it. The big down side to this is when you find a bug, you are hosed as you cant get any (or little) support.

The DilbertMC mod is broken for example - 1.5 years broken with people asking for help and no help in sight.

Other then than, it's great!
Nice but I miss one thing
by Pcpro
on November 11, 2008
In the standard theme the buttons for "new subject" get a darker color when new messages is posted. In this theme they dont...
on February 9, 2011
Will this theme work on SMF 1.1.12 as well
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